Exuma Property For Sale in the Bahamas

Exuma property is ideal for those who want to own a vacation home in the Bahamas. The 365 islands are a sailing and sea kayaking haven, offering white-sand beaches and gin-clear water. You can find luxury condos in Oceania Heights or villas on private islands like February Point.

The government has made it easier for non-Bahamians to purchase real estate in the Bahamas. For example, there is no double stamp duty for foreigners. Exuma also has a business-friendly economy, making luxury real estate more affordable. Non-Bahamians can purchase both developed and undeveloped properties. However, depending on the value of the property, some may require permits or certificates before you can move in.

There are several reasons to consider purchasing Exuma property. The islands are home to pristine beaches and ultra-exclusive resorts. The people in Exuma are incredibly friendly and welcoming, so buying a property here can be an excellent investment. Moreover, the Bahamian tax system for foreigners is low, which makes Exuma property an affordable option for those looking to buy a vacation home.

While you are searching for Exuma property for sale, you should think about what are your must-haves and what aren’t. Think about your budget, the number of rooms you need, and your preferred style. Then, consider financing options. You should also consider your non-negotiables.

In addition to luxury vacation homes, Exuma property also offers a range of smaller properties. There are a number of luxury condominiums and two-storey waterfront apartments available for sale. And if you want to buy a small island property, Exuma Island Property has some new projects in the works.

The main settlement on Great Exuma is George Town, located along scenic Elizabeth Harbour. This charming town features pastel-colored houses, cozy inns, and an open-air straw market. Many residents are named Rolle, after the plantation owner Lord Rolle. The name Rolle was also given to Rolleville and Rolle Town, two of the island’s historic settlements. The Rolles lived on the island and were known for their cotton farms.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental in Exuma, you can choose one of three properties on the island. A Luxury Home on Pristine Beach can sleep up to 10 guests and features five bedrooms, a kitchen, and cable/satellite television. Or you can check out the One of a Kind Property Breathtaking Views, located in the town of George Town. Both properties offer a view of the sea and are close to many amenities, including restaurants, marinas, and shopping centers.

A new Beachfront Home with Panoramic Views offers 6 bedrooms, a smart TV, and a garage. There are also several great vacation rentals on the island, including a luxury home on Pristine Beach. exuma real estate -postcard-worthy property on the island, the Luxury Home on Pristine Beach offers beach access and nearby golf.

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